Get Started

Please email responses to DESIGNSBYBINK@GMAIL.COM


- Three inspiration words

- 1 to 3 quotes that fit your goal of this company


- Name and any subtext included in the logo with a brief description of what you’re looking for: image, image with text, text as image, just text, etc.

- List of deliverables(business cards, t-shirts, etc.) This does not have to be final, just so I have an idea of where to start


- Brief description of what you’re envisioning

- 3 to 10 inspiration images/logos (if you include what you like and don't like about them you get bonus points)

- If type is involved, what kind of type are you looking for? Serif, Sans serif, handwritten cursive, handwritten psychedelic, etc.

- Do you want color? One color, multiple, black and white? A few different options? Provide a few color palette examples