2DECKTREK is a fictional bus line dedicated to people who follow jam bands with trips based around the chosen bands’ tours. 2DT is accessible out of major bus terminals. Drivers are members of the community rewarded with a free ride, ticket, and lodging. Our mission is to connect more fans to the music they love, while being surrounded by people who share their passion. Happy Jamming!
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Damiana Corca is a sleep specialist, acupuncturist, and herbalist located in Boulder, Colorado. The logo is literal and calming as well as the visual language across the company branding. Life after 7pm is an offshoot of her brand specializing in healing your body, preventing burn out, enjoying helier relationships, and sleeping well.


Westerly is a fictional novelty hotel in New York City. The hotel was started by the daughter of guitarist, Robbie Robertson. With her love for the rock music of the 70s, she decided to start this novelty hotel chain. The logo and visual language of the branding represent her love for the music and the era.