The History of Craft Beer
10" x 8", 80 pages
Fermented is a book on the history of craft beer written by Kyle Rindahl. The photographs, editing, compilation and design, were all done by Laura Bee. The book covers the general history of craft beer, the history of major styles separated by the three main regions where styles originated; Germany, Belgium and The United States, and then concludes with an overview of tasting.


6" x 8", 46 pages, hand bound
Work it Out is a workout journal catered to people with anxiety and depression. The journal begins with a series of data visualizations, followed by suggested workouts, concluding with forms to record workouts and personal notes.  


5" x 8", 10 pages, hand bound into a book
This is a 5 spread signature visually representing the 6 word memoir, "It was embarrassing. So don't ask." by Alex Lindquist. The spread is a piece of a collection of 6 word memoirs designed for a Graphic Design 1 class at the California College of the arts.